What We Do

Our goal

BWP’s goal in each leadership search is to identify and present a slate of well-qualified candidates for your leadership position. Each candidate will meet the needs of your district as defined by your governing Board and your community.

Our objectives

- To provide excellent assistance and support to your Board which will result in the selection of a leader who will meet your district’s needs.
- To meet the timelines as outlined in our proposal and identify the successful candidate by designated date.
- To involve the community and staff in the selection process as directed by the Board and to do so in such a way that we build support for the process, the Board and the successful candidate.
- To successfully implement the BWP work plan (How we work) in order to meet the Board’s expectations and deadlines and do so within the proposed budget.

In summary

BWP will complete a successful search on behalf of your Board, district, and community by aggressively recruiting well-qualified candidates, creating community and staff support for the search effort, meeting the Board’s expectations and deadlines within the proposed budget, and supporting and assisting the Board throughout its process to find the best candidate for your position.