Associates of BWP are skilled search consultants who know and can recognize outstanding educational leadership. Associates are assigned to searches based on the needs of the particular client and Associate availability. In addition to these Associates, BWP will also utilize the services of other educational consultants who may have particular skills which will supplement the other members of a search team.

Larry Ascough (TX)
Mary Ann Blaskowitz (SC)
Bruce Brown (IL)
Charles Coleman (MI)
Mary Conley (MD)
Stanley Durtan, Jr. (VA)
Darrell Floyd (TX)
Hector Garcia (IL)
Steven Griesbach (IL)
E. Wayne Harris (VA)
Sheila Harrison-Williams (IL)
Karl Hertz (WI) 
Don  Hooper (TX)
John Hunt (IL)

Joan S. Isenberg (MA)  
James T. Jeffers (AL)
Bert B. Kimble (MO)
Eric A. King (IL)
Joan Kowal (FL)
Michael J. Lannon (FL)
Pamela S. Lannon (FL)
Phil McDaniel (IN) 
Lee Monroe (NC)
Hector Montenegro (TX)
Jon N. Nebor (IL)
Ruben  Olivarez (TX)
Joseph M. Porto (IL) 
Fred Primm, Jr. (AL)

Glenn Schlichting (IL)
Guy Schumacher (IL)
Odell Stuckey (SC) 
Johnnie Thomas (IL)
James Tucker (VA)
David VanWinkle (IL)
Nicholas D. Wahl (IN)
Patricia Wernet (IL)
Kathleen Williams (WI)
Susan Workman (IL)
Gary K. Wright (MO)
Ann Wyatt (AL)
Youssef Yomtoob (IL)
Mike Zolkoski (TX)